Daddys Big Package (Erotic Bundle Daddy Collection) Katie Cramer


Published: November 23rd 2011



Daddys Big Package (Erotic Bundle Daddy Collection)  by  Katie Cramer

Daddys Big Package (Erotic Bundle Daddy Collection) by Katie Cramer
November 23rd 2011 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 6.53 Mb

Older men, younger women, stepfathers and stepdaughters, ripped panties and getting it on in offices and even bridal after page of hot, steamy sex!This value bundle from Katie Cramer features three of her best-selling filthy stories: DADDY OF THE BRIDE, DADDYS WATCHING and DOUBLE TEAMED WITH DADDY.Contains very strong language and consensual adult (18+) sexual content that some readers may find offensive. ADULTS ONLY.All stories have been previously published and are available separately.

A total of 11400 words.DADDY OF THE BRIDE:Lucys getting married but shes not nervous about the ceremony. Shes decided that this is her last chance to lure her stepfather, Cameron, into her bed - right there in the bridal suite. What follows is a masterclass in seduction as taboos are broken. Here comes the bride - and her stepdad.3100 words.EXCERPT:I cant marry another man today without letting you know how I feel.

I would regret it forever.I retreated a few steps and reached for the zipper on the back of my dress. I held the garment in place as I unzipped it and turned my back to him, letting him see a flash of my exposed corset and the top of my thong panties. I heard him breathing heavily and spun back around. Removing my hand, the dress fell away and collapsed on the floor.

He gasped.Lucy...this is all wrong...I cant do this.I stepped out of the dress and walked towards him, slowly and seductively.Whats wrong? Dont you think I look beautiful, Daddy?DADDYS WATCHING:When Amys stepfather watches her have sex with a boy thats just no good for her he decides she needs a real man. What he doesnt realise is that Amy has planned it all along.

Hes falling straight into her honey trap and Amy wont stop until shes seduced her stepdad completely. Soon clothes are shed and taboos broken as Amy gets exactly what she wants...4100 words.EXCERPT:Amy...what...what are you doing this for? Why are you dressed like that?I stepped down from the bar stool and slowly walked towards him. Because I want you.I twirled around and gave him a flash of my panties before sitting on the sofa, crossing one leg over the other.

I leaned forward, my breasts almost spilling out of my bra. I was pushing my shirt buttons to the limits of their construction and I ran a finger down the tempting cleavage on display.If you dont want to f**k me then Ill be so upset, Daddy. So upset.DOUBLE TEAMED WITH DADDY:When Joanna decides to seduce her stepfathers business partner, Nathan, she has no idea what shes letting herself in for. In this business, everything is shared. In order to get what she wants - Nathan inside her - shes going to have to let her stepdad in on the action.

The result is two men twice her age, a double team threesome and the sex of her life in the board room...4200 words.EXCERPT:I warned you. You think you can just come in here, flash your lovely little ass - and it is a lovely little ass, mind you - around my company and have me drop my pants and do your bidding? Thats not how it works around here.So how does it work, Nathan?He drew me in close. Youre a sexy little thing but youve got a lot to learn. Tonight, baby, youre going to experience sex like you wouldnt believe. Two cocks, one pussy. Yours.My body went cold.

He picked my torn panties up and put them in his pocket. Ill keep these as a souvenir.And tonight?Tonight...youre going to get double-teamed. Me and James. Your stepfather.I gasped again.Youre playing with the big boys now.

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